Black Hat SEO

black hat seo

Easy Rankings Due to Black Hat SEO? Don’t get fooled!

Black hat SEO is definitely an investment you wouldn’t like to make. Why? Because, although it indeed offers real results for a period of time, with it,

Results Are Temporary While Penalties Can Be Permanent…

You will find it really hard to pull your rankings back up when Google or any major search engines detect your tactics. Take note, it’s “when” and not “if”. In order for you to reap real value out of search engine optimisation, you will need to ensure that your SEO expert is not doing this to your domain.

So, read carefully…

And beware of those over compelling offers from self-proclaimed webmasters. Don’t be swayed by black hat SEO. Ensure a long lasting value and benefits of a real search engine optimisation campaign. For more information regarding the matter, you may

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Learn more about the black hat SEO tactics that are rampant on the internet. Here are,

8 Dominant Examples of Black Hat SEO

1. Link Buying

Links have been a crucial ranking factor for most search engines. And although there are rumours about Google demoting its value in ranking web pages, its innate aim can never be undermined. And that is the referral from outbound reputable sites to pioneering domains as well as boosting user experience. Which is why most domain owners buy links from reputed and high-ranking websites.

2. Dubious Threading

Forums carry heaps of authority in ranking. Because for one, they contain critical keywords that match the user’s query most of the time. It’s indeed a fact that is taken advantage of by spammers, especially that there are no restrictions in commenting through these forums. Some despicable accounts post unrelated comments on these forums and leave behind links.

3. Duplicating Contents

This is seriously the laziest, most absurd and most obvious black hat SEO tactics. Pardon me if I got emotional. But being a writer myself it’s a sting. This item speaks for itself. It’s a simple copying and pasting of contents with zero effort. However, there are no equivalent penalties for those who practice this as of the moment. But nevertheless, the uniqueness of content had always been a ranking factor.

4. Article Rewording

This is another painful reality in the world of search engine optimisation. As much as there are those who take pride in their own craft, there are also those who simply replicate whilst making slight modifications to hide their black hat SEO tactic.

5. Content Cloaking

Cloaking is a method where a website shows different pages for human visitors and search engine bots. Meaning, the search engine crawlers could be interpreting textual content wrapped in keywords while users get irrelevant results.

6. Bridge Pages

Have you tried to click on one search results and found yourself rerouted to another page? If you did, and if the page you got routed to is completely irrelevant to what you were looking for, then that’s it. You’ve found yourself a perfect example of bridge pages. Many self-proclaimed search engine optimisation hackers do this. And many have already been penalised.

7. Keyword Overuse

Keywords are the primary signals of relevance. It’s the main thing that Google indexes. Which is why, earlier SEO tactics, back when misconceptions branded it as mere “trickery”—included overusing and over mentioning primary keywords. Now, this may have worked years ago. And may still work for a time in today’s search engines. But it’s just a matter of time when this black hat SEO will be completely eradicated. And if you practice it, then your site will go with it.

8. Text Blending

In relevance to the above item, there are also those who use rampant keyword mentions. And in order not to affect user experience, they hide it in a font colour the same as the background of the page. Hence, using camouflage to hide keywords from the users. But mind you, it shows heaps of them to the search engines.

If any search engine optimisation specialist offers you any of these, turn the other way. If you want long-lasting benefits, then finding a good specialist can help you out.

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