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Increased Traffic with SEO Web Design Perth

There is a reason why today is called the internet generation. Everything has been made easy. Want to buy something? Go find it in the internet and pick up your phone. Following this logic, the best investment will be on SEO Web Design Perth.

Over the years, as people are introduced to technology, many found online transactions more convenient. And hence, online consumers grew in numbers. And in the same effect more business enterprises are now also adapting this modern approach to make business. Not to mention that this also comes more conveniently to business owners too.

But although it is convenient, it does not necessarily mean that competition is easy too. As aforementioned, many are now on the transition and even has already been on the trend. Therefore, your next challenge is SEO competition.

Search Engine Optimisation has many other branches, but one vital branch is SEO Web Design Perth. When you create your business landing web page online. You want to make sure that it will get good search traffic. Because it will lead to more views and more opportunities to future transactions. And Incredible web design can do the trick.SEO web design Perth

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while you set up your SEO Web Design Perth:

Simple is Attractive

Few is many. You can consider a rule of thumb in setting your start-up website. Although, it’s pretty straight forward not be in the minimum as well. Just make it a point to design a website simple enough, and interactive that even customers who are less internet savvy can navigate with no problem at all. Simpler user interface, search bars, and clickable buttons and less expendable elements would be sufficient. Either way, you are selling your services/product and not the website itself. Make sure your headline is short but concise of useful information that effects a call to action. Offer solutions since it is the main thing that anyone using the internet is looking for.

Be artistic but do not overdo it. Even professional designers/artists know the thin line difference between overly colourful and artistic colourful. Mix the distinct colours well and intelligently. Never overdo. Equivalently, never use just a single colour. Use contrasting colours to emphasise different sections. And make sure that the essential information on the site are more distinguishable and easier to find than anything else on the site.

Ease up on those fonts

Traditional banner making is composed of flashy fonts. The kind that almost makes the letters dance just to attract people. This might be effective for traditional advertising as well. But in putting up your website, it is ill advised to apply the same principle. Arguably, websites may play a similar purpose of attracting people’s attention, but in a nutshell, there is quite a technical difference. Websites can be like marketing banners behind RGB monitor screens. Meaning, colour is more gradient and brighter. Hence, what you consider “less” to a physical banner is “too much” to a business web address. In conclusion, the maximum of two different fonts is already sufficient. Using too much font distinction can make your website look overcrowded. You want to make your website look clean and organised rather than overcrowded and chaotic. 

Easier to Read

The main product of websites are solutions. And by the same token, this attracts search engine traffic more than anything else. Now providing solutions does not make sense if does not make sense does it?  Forgive the wordplay, but I only mean that if your articles are less readable, then the solutions you are providing will not sell. A curious viewer would easily to switch to another website if your website is not readable. 95% of your website is text. Better make sure they are there to provide understanding rather than add more confusion.

Dark font for article text is more preferable. And make sure that it stands out against the background colour. Spacing is also a fundamental parameter, and on top of it all, make sure your thoughts are organized.

Go Mobile

As services are getting more convenient and easy, people prefer to do things on the go as well. Hence, it is a smart strategy to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile Community is such a huge market and as an entrepreneur of course you want to take control of that market as well. Thus, make it a point that your website is as user friendly through a mobile device as it is on a laptop/ Desktop. Large call to action buttons should easily be clicked upon for your customers’ convenience.

Picture paints a thousand words

Since your typography contains information, you would like to make your visitors read through. And a good strategy is using relevant images. Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoe. You are looking for a certain solution. And the internet just gave you heaps of possible answers. Your next move is to find which one answers your question superbly. But it is more often that this kind of scenario involves urgency. And on a nutshell, no regular person can really ready through too many lengthy articles, when they are actually looking for a simple solution to a simple problem. Therefore, a skillful researcher would utilise images on your sites as clues and pathfinders. And as the website designer, you need to be smart in setting up these images.

Put yourself on your customer’s shoe.

Creativity and Judgement always go together. Which ever is your craft, someone will always have something to say about it. Especially the ones that inspired the craft. And as an aspiring online businessman, you are actually trying to get that judgement from your customers. Now to counter anxiety, you can actually get an idea how it will be when a visitor finds your site on the web. Try looking at it in a customer’s point of view. A cup that’s already full will overflow but an empty cup can still be filled. This means that if you pretend to be that curious visitor to your site, you can have a better perspective of your work. Again, do not forget, your visitors are looking for solutions. So, your biggest weapon are the goods. Benefits over features. And make your approach as creative as possible.

As an overall conclusion, as an aspiring online entrepreneur, you want more search traffic. And to do this, you need great SEO Web Design Perth to attract more business entrepreneurs. Contact us and let us help you out.