Privacy policy

We value your privacy as much as we value your business.

Your information will be requested from you upon registration and initialisation of your projects, and during payments. The collected information includes user credentials for social media business pages, company email address, company mailing address, company phone numbers, and all other necessary information pertaining to your business.

We will retain and use your information only as necessary, depending on the unique requirements of each of your projects.

Our commitment to your security

We collect your information for the sole purpose of fulfilling various requirements of your projects, as well as for marketing purposes and payment transactions. Aleph IT and its clients are bonded with a non-disclosure agreement. We take responsibility for the information we collect from you and thus commit to keeping your privacy. Your information will not be given, sold, traded, or transferred to any third-part company for any reason, unless done with your request or consent.

Moreover, as a company, we have our own security measures in place to protect our clients. We are equipped with AES-256 Bit Encryption Technology software and utilise premium-grade security services and vendors such as LastPass ( <>) to store our clients’ data.


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