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Welcome to Aleph IT: Your Expert WordPress Development and Support Partner

Discover the power of reliable WordPress development and support with Aleph IT. We understand the importance of having a trusted partner to craft custom WordPress solutions and provide ongoing support for your website. With our expertise and commitment to delivering secure, high-performance, and feature-rich WordPress websites, we’re here to help your online presence thrive.

Our Offerings

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with Aleph IT’s WordPress development and support services. Trust us to create bespoke WordPress solutions tailored to your needs and provide the ongoing support your website deserves.

Custom WordPress Website Design and Development

Experience the difference with our custom WordPress website design and development services. From concept to launch, we craft unique and visually appealing websites that resonate with your audience and reflect your brand identity.

WordPress Hardening

Protect your WordPress website from security threats with our WordPress hardening services. We employ robust security measures to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity of your website.


Hacked WordPress Recovery and Mitigations

In the event of a security breach, rely on Aleph IT for hacked WordPress recovery and mitigations. Our expert team will swiftly restore your website’s functionality and implement proactive measures to prevent future breaches.

WordPress Updates and Security Patching

Stay ahead of security threats with timely WordPress updates and security patching from Aleph IT. We ensure your WordPress core, themes, and plugins are always up to date to maintain a secure website environment.

WordPress Backups and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect your valuable data with our WordPress backup and disaster recovery solutions. We implement reliable backup strategies and disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

WordPress Speed Performance Optimizations

Enhance user experience and boost SEO rankings with our WordPress speed performance optimizations. We optimize your website for speed and performance, ensuring fast loading times and smooth navigation.

Content Updates and Addition of New Features

Keep your website fresh and engaging with our content updates and addition of new features services. We offer flexibility and scalability to accommodate your evolving needs and enhance website functionality.

Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

Count on Aleph IT for expert troubleshooting and issue resolution for your WordPress website. Our dedicated support team is here to ensure a smooth and error-free website experience for you and your visitors.

WordPress Hosting Solutions

Experience optimized hosting for your WordPress website with Aleph IT’s WordPress hosting solutions. Benefit from improved website speed, security, and overall performance with our tailored hosting options.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Aleph IT for our proven track record of successful WordPress development projects and positive client experiences. With our expertise and commitment to delivering secure, high-performance WordPress solutions, we’re your trusted partner in online success.

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