IT Relocation Perth

IT Relocation Perth, Moves your IT Infrastructure Safely

Our IT relocation Perth is your immediate resort when you want to relocate your entire business IT infrastructure. Here at Aleph IT, we make sure to move your business without leaving anything and in the safest way.

In a business, relocation is oftentimes necessary due to some factors that affect the totality of an establishment. These may come in a form of a growing business, changing of products, or floundering of economies. When any of these factor rises, adjustments have to be made and often, you will have to relocate. This movement should never become a hindrance to the business’ productivity and operation. For that matter, handling it personally is not a wise option since you need professionals to manage its intricacies.

If you are one of the many individuals who needs IT relocation Perth, you are on the right track. Our company will give you what you need all throughout the process of transition! We take pride in being upit relocation perthdated with state of the art equipment and facilities in order for us to give you the quickest yet the safest relocation services. Our IT relocation team is extensively knowledgeable. We ensure to protect your inexplicably significant data from loss or disruption. Aleph IT use high – end special containers, anti- conduction bubble wrap bags, double tiered cartons, covered boxes and wheeled shelves for easy transit. We move from your desktop computers up to your data centre, and you can make sure that the entire process is not disrupted. Aleph IT move without causing detrimental effects to your precious cargo –we offer a totally flexible service to cater all your relocation needs!

While we are responsible in moving your logistics, you can collaborate with our personnel in coming up with strategic methods during the motion phase.

At Aleph IT, we offer these IT relocation services:

  • software and hardware audits
  • PAT testing
  • port tasking and asset identification
  • laptop relocation
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • cable management
  • configuration and reconfiguration of new and software and hardware
  • fully- documented relocation

Once you pick us, we make sure to give the most professional IT relocation services that range from planning, site assessment, de- installation, transportation, re- installation, and relocation insurance and repair. Each of these services is well- structured for customers like you!

In every project, we always:

  • assign project manager
  • institute time frames
  • synchronise manpower and activation
  • collate and consolidate data centre
  • assess recent data centres
  • evaluate power requirements
  • review ventilation, network and AC requirements
  • assess tools positioning prerequites
  • perform onsite CE
  • label cables and tools
  • secure transportation document
  • dispatch professional movers
  • supervise loading and unloading
  • provide wide transit choices
  • offer specialized packaging
  • initiate device installation and positioning
  • verify operation
  • diagnose system functions and errors
  • provide network connection
  • tender RAID hard drives replacement (if needed)
  • guarantee repair and insurance with exclusive contract maintenance and system replacement

Why take the hassle if we can bustle? Contact us now and talk to our customer representative for any plans in IT relocation Perth. Make it happen with us!