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WordPress Break Fix Services

WordPress Break-Fix Services: 5 Errors to Fix

WordPress is pretty easy to use, but you can encounter errors that will send you into a panic mode. The good news is that the error you see on your website has been reported before and someone has already solved it. So, it’s nothing new. But in case you find it hard to resolve issues in your website, you can contact a hosting company for WordPress Break-Fix Services.

We are going to discuss 5 WordPress errors and how to fix them. But before you fix any error, ensure you have a WordPress backup.

1. Syntax Error

This usually happens when you’re adding code snippets and accidentally miss something out or when the code has incorrect syntax. You will get an error message indicating the unexpected things that have happened. If this happens, don’t freak out. Others have received similar errors, and you won’t be the last one.

A syntax error can be caused by a tiny mistake like a missing comma or even a simple full stop. To fix this error, ensure that you correct the code that led to the error. Access the file you last edited. You can either remove the code or modify the code correctly.

2. 404 Error

This is one of the most annoying errors, which is a permalink issue in WordPress. In this case, you can still access the admin area and your blog’s main page. A “404 not found” error means that the links are incorrectly typed, the website has been deleted, the page ceases to exist or the URL has been alternated or replaced. When you see this, don’t panic, you can still find a way to fix this.

When you see this, don’t panic, you can still find a way to fix this.

Fixing 404 error is pretty simple and fast — login to your server using FTP to modify the .htaccess file or remove it even. If this fails, login to your WordPress Admin console and try saving your permalink structure to a different one, for example try saving it using “numeric” or “Post Name” and then test again. If we are still stuck then perhaps its time to contact the professionals who can provide stellar WordPress Break-Fix Services, Aleph IT’s Support Team can handle these requests very quickly and easily for example.

3. White Text Error

Sometimes WordPress visual editor buttons may disappear or show blank white spaces instead of buttons. Corrupt or missing html/css files can cause the error. You can try to clear the browser cache or use another browser. The issue could be your computer as well possibly.

However, if this does not fix it, then once again it could be time to contact expertise help on the matter.

4. Internal Server Error

This can be a confusing error, especially for a beginner. It sometimes appears as “500 internal server error” or “internal server error.” Internal server error mostly appears when something is not right, but the server cannot identify the problem. It’s pretty much a needle in a haystack for a beginner to try and figure this one out and fix it.

The first thing to do is to check for a corrupted .htaccess file and rename it to .htacces.bak for example or simply delete it (take a backup of course). Log in to your website using a file manager or FTP. Once you get connected, you will see folders like wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. The .htacess file will normally be only in /public_html folder, but there may be multiple copies of the same file in various folders.

After renaming .htaccess file, revisit your site to see if the error is resolved. Another solution as well is to increase the PHP memory limit.

5. Memory Exhausted Error

With this issue, you can get error messages of a white screen of death. When this happens, it’s time to increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress. This can be done via your cPanel account under PHP Editor options, or via editing the php.ini file usually located under /public_html folder once again.


We hope this guide will help you solve these errors. If you find it hard, consult a reliable WordPress expert and provider and you will get the much-needed help.