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4 IT Services That Can Help Your Company Thrive

All IT businesses have the common goal of utilising the best tools and practices to streamline operations that deliver the most value to clients. Yet no two businesses are identical, which also goes to say that no two blends of IT services deliver the exact same results.

As a business owner, you naturally face the challenge of deciding which weapons in the technological arsenal serve your company best.

While we could dedicate a week’s worth of reading material to every type of service available to you, we’ll stick to the most popular IT support services that have the potential to create the biggest boost to your business.

1. Cloud Computing

Any IT service that’s delivered over the internet or dedicated cloud network falls under cloud computing. The benefits of using cloud services are plentiful, with advantages ranging from lower costs, faster operations, and the highest security level.

If you’re someone new to the cloud, just think of Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook. All three offer cloud storage services to store your emails, files, videos, and images. Healthcare industries and governments have also adopted cloud computing as a means of operating more effectively and securely.

For entrepreneurs, cloud computing answers many of the problems often faced by companies that want to scale up — increasing ROI, generating quality traffic, and growing email lists, to name a few.

2. Data Security

Every business has the responsibility of protecting their assets. Today, personal data is now regarded with such importance and sensitivity that large companies pour millions into making sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Some specific IT support services you can ask your provider about can include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Data backups
  • Secure file sharing
  • Per-user access rights to specific data
  • Configurable sharing rules

Ransomware has been on the rise lately. More often than not, this is what happens when a small company plays victim to ransomware:

  1. An employee accidentally picked up the ransomware from an online source.
  2. The ransomware locked all the files.
  3. Because there are no data backups, or they aren’t working, the company had to pay to have their files unlocked.

Don’t let this happen to you. Talk to an IT support provider to create a sturdy security system, as well as additional safeguards for when the system fails.

3. Computer Repairs

Computer problems can range from the incredibly simple (requiring a reboot) to the frustratingly complex (finding out what’s causing a BSOD, blue screen of death).

Troubleshooting and IT repairs can be done either at your office or in the IT company’s central office. Depending on the number of computers you have and the size of your business, hiring an in-office technician for on-demand IT services may be more cost-efficient.

If you rarely have computer problems, however, or if you don’t store any sensitive information on any office device, then visiting a computer repair shop as needed should also work just as well.

4. VoIP Service

Voice over Internet Protocol is a common IT support service that allows calls within the Local Area Network (LAN) and/or Wide Area Network (WAN).

Moving to a VoIP communication system usually cuts back costs when making long-distance calls. Users can also access the Internet and different applications while on a call, making VoIP very useful for employees who are required to travel.

The Right IT Services Turn Possibilities into Realities

You’ll never notice what your business is missing unless you get the right IT services to improve your unique situation. For more information on how business IT services can help you, you can call +61 2 9188 3806 or reach us via email.