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How Web Design Help Your Search Engine Optimisation Consultant?

The best search engine optimisation consultant can really bring out the best potential of your business in the digital world. But regardless of how incredible your SEO consultant is, all efforts will be for naught without the benefits of responsive web design. Either role may include tasks that are different from each other, but nevertheless, both of them aim for the same goal. And that is to boost your website’s value in the digital world. Hence, as you hire your best web design prospect applicant, you need to be clear that one of his goals is to complement your overall search engine optimisation efforts. And…

Make Optimisation Easier and Better

Most technical aspects of SEO are subject to web design respectively. Having said that, in this article, we will discuss how web design helps SEO in general. We’ll make it clear that a web design expert and a search engine optimisation consultant should work hand in hand. And search engine optimisation affects web design and vice versa.

Now, being a web services agency ourselves, our web designers and every search engine optimisation consultant work hand in hand to produce quality results. And the following are some contributions that one provides the other:

5 Contributions of Responsive Web Design to Your SEO

1. Enhanced Loading Speed

Media files and other aesthetic quid pro quo to improve user experience may come with a catch. And that is the loading speed of your website. Because basically the heavier the files you put on your site, the slower it will load. Now, try putting yourself into your customer’s shoe. You wouldn’t really want to waste your time with a website that takes forever to give you what you are looking for, would you? Hence, it’s a great obstacle for your search engine optimisation consultant in boosting your campaign. Why? Mostly, because smart distribution and file size management for your media files are best done by your web designer. The main aim is to make your website look good whilst making sure it wouldn’t have a hard time pulling up all its contents. So, be sure to impose this goal to your web design for better rankings.

2. Usability on Websites Boosts User Experience

Since we’ve mention user experience, might as well go on further on mentioning another factor in improving it. And that is usability. A website’s usability is simply how user-friendly it is. In simpler terms, the easier it is to navigate your site, the better. And all the more chance for visitors to do more activity on your website.

Since they find your website easy to navigate, exploring it won’t be a hassle. It will be easier for them to teach themselves how to discover more features. They might even subscribe to your products and services. Thus, making it more clear how web design helps a lot in building trust with your valued customers. The better is their satisfaction with what your site has to offer, the more interaction you get. And in this process, search engines acknowledge you as a relevant and trustworthy domain.

3. Less Unhappy Customers

One thing that will really hurt your search engine optimisation campaign is having unhappy customers. And they don’t even need to send you bad reviews to hurt you. The simple act of leaving your website under 3 seconds after they got in, would affect your stats greatly. You can see this in your analytics reports as your website’s bounce rate. And the worst part is that most factors that lead to it are beyond what a search engine optimisation consultant can help you with. But two of which are already part of the prior items and the rest are obvious inclusions to the responsibilities of your web designer. Note that, as much as how great are the optimisation techniques of your consultant, they can only do less when you have an undesirable design.

4. Unique Content

Aside from proactively making sure that you do not have duplicate contents. There are certain changes in your websites that are inevitable and will likewise cause duplicate contents. And this is where your web designer comes in. They need to ensure that search engines are properly redirected to unique contents. And that these redirecting links are going to the right places in your domain. Also, many small businesses would opt, either proactively or not, to make separate websites for mobile and PC use. Thus, making their sites susceptible to duplicate content.

A good web designer, working along with a good search engine optimisation consultant can make you a user and mobile friendly website. Hence, you will not need to have separate websites for mobile and PC. Therefore, making it less likely for your content to be duplicated.

5. Wider Social Media Presence

Responsive web design is purposed for social media sharing. Hence, securing the mobile market for you. We all know that most social media activities are done through mobile devices. Thus, all the more helping the social media campaign that is also managed by your search engine optimisation consultant. Moreover, even though social media does not have a direct influence on your overall campaign, it can still help you. It can widen your audience and increase your overall traffic which is critical for search engine optimisation. Not to mention, it can also add to the overall authority for your content. Especially that social media has heaps of authority online when it comes to relevance.

So, ensure that your web designers do their part in helping your search engine optimisation consultant. In this way, you’ll have more chances in web domination and win the competition in your niche. The competition for greater website stats will only get tighter and tighter. Hence, you are left with the challenge to either evolve or perish.

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