Cheap SEO Company

Cheap SEO Company

Reasons You Need to Avoid Cheap SEO Company for your Business Website

In today’s business trends, the most important part of your business is your website. Yes, your website is often the most visible part of your company. And to get you a new lead in the business, your website should run 24/7 every day of the year. As for the cost, a website could be the cheapest employee you will ever have. But many business owners try to take shortcuts and save money on their website by hiring a cheap SEO company.

And at some point, there are many companies out there that offer a cheap SEO service saying that they will put you on number one spot on Google for only $50 per month. Well, this is too good to be true. Hence, for those that take the bait, the cost to your business could be huge and potentially terrible.  And before being sucked into that type of problem, let me try to explain the risks and realities of hiring a cheap SEO company.

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Cheap SEO Company for your Business Website is Not a Good Idea

1. You Can’t-Do Much Without Money

There are not so many actions you can take on a cheap SEO budget. The only action you can take is those that are a time-dependent action which excludes the capital-dependent action.

Well, some of the time-dependent SEO actions include keyword research, page-level optimisation, and some technical optimisation. However, this technical optimisation may need a developer for larger issues. And mind you that developers alone will cost you money.

With this situation, you can’t get far with keyword research, optimising pages, and doing some technical optimisation due to the budget issue. As a matter of fact, it’s better than nothing. However, those are not the high impact activities that drive organic search growth. This biggest driver of organic search growth includes content and backlinks.  And these two are one of the most capital-intensive. This is the point where cheap SEO company service breaks down. Since they don’t have the capital and they can’t create a quality content. Likewise, they can’t spend time doing link outreach and at the same time, they can’t pay for placement on quality sites. Which results’ them to go cheap on content creation that will end up embarrassing your brand. And they will use grey or black hat backlinks that will get your site penalised.

2. You Will Lose in the Long Run

There’s nothing wrong if you want to squeeze as much profit out of your business as you can. But there are things in life we never want to go cheap, right? Well, SEO is one of those things. The reason here is that the cost of SEO isn’t direct. It takes you months of working with a bad and cheap SEO company only to realise the cost is a bit expensive as the process goes. And this cost would come in many different forms.

It could be that this cheap SEO company will likely land you to a penalty. Well, even if the low-quality strategy works in the short-term, you would still be ending up get nailed later on. Moreover, if your website gets penalised, you will have to hire another agency just to get the penalty removed. Also, bear in mind that once your site gets a penalty, it’s a long way to recovery. And tendency would be that your previous traffic levels may never be recover. The bottom line here is that you need to take into account the opportunity and time costs. You will be wasting your time and money if your site will get penalised because you hired a cheap SEO company who offers cheap services.

3.  You Won’t Get Assets

Another cause that you may encounter if you decide to go for a cheap SEO service is you won’t get assets. Yes! Backlinks and having quality and unique content are assets for your business. And this simply means that they will continue to bring value to your business in the long run. Well, let’s face it, cheap SEO services won’t give you any tangible assets. That is because they do not have enough capital to create quality content assets or could even acquire quality link placements.

4. Scalability is equal to Cookie Cutter

Most of the cheap search engine optimisation companies have to use cookie-cutter strategies. This is because these companies won’t be able to scale if they have any creative work. SEO is an active skill. Although the principles of quality SEO never change, every single digital marketing campaign is different and unique. And every client has a different point and needs.

At some point, a cookie-cutter approach rarely works and will almost always be low quality. And on top of that, cheap SEO company will also be unresponsive. They do not have time to communicate. As they allocate most of their resources to front-end sales. And as a result, this would leave a little resource of getting your business the results.

Well, a good company understand that SEO services require creativity and reliable strategies to be working well. After all, there is no two-marketing campaign that is the same. Quality agency value client retention. They also allocate most of their resources to getting results and improving the service quality they have offered. And most importantly, they have a lot of alternative solutions.

5. Experience is Priceless

Lastly, most companies that offer cheap SEO service have to employ cheap labour which is equivalent to having inexperienced employees. A good SEO expert companies are not cheap because they employ legitimate and proven to be an expert in this field. Likewise, these experts are confident in their ability that they could give your business a good result. Hence, they would never work for entry-level pay. Remember that the experience, skill and tested strategies and systems are what makes an SEO company get good results.

Well, in order for SEO to benefit your business is it should be done properly. By following Google’s guidelines, you can move up in search engine rankings. But bear in mind that there is no shortcut in this process. It takes time, effort and doing the things in a proper way. And as a business person, you hardly want your work to be trusted professionally. Thus, making your company grow and flourish as time goes by. Remember that by trying to take a shortcut, or by hiring a cheap SEO company that can’t do any improvement to the website, you are taking a huge risk for your business. Likewise, in hiring an SEO company make sure that they are doing things properly. Don’t be tempted by the offers of cheap SEO companies out there. For all we know, it could be the most expensive business decision you would ever make.

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